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This blog is your personal ion engine

New Ideas from space

An ion thruster or ion drive is a form of electric propulsion used for spacecraft propulsion. This blog is about sending you into new spaces, new places, meeting new people, being jet propelled with new products, new solutions, and new Ideas. An ion engine creates thrust by accelerating ions with electricity. ... The Deep Space 1 spacecraft, powered by an ion thruster, changed velocity by 4.3 km/s while consuming less than 74 kilograms of xenon. Check out this video.

Electrons produced by the discharge cathode are attracted to the dis- charge chamber walls, which are charged to a high positive potential by the voltage applied by the thruster’s discharge power supply. Neutral propellant is injected into the discharge chamber, where the electrons bombard the propellant to produce positively charged ions and release more electrons. High-strength magnets prevent electrons from freely reaching the discharge channel walls. You're a high strength magnet too. It all begins in your mind.

How do you get enough personal power to develop new products and solutions. Your mind is your ion engine that propels you through your universe and because you're moving into the new, the novel, the exciting world you are more alive. Your personal power attracts new experiences, new people. You attract new ideas to you!

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